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Are you New to BNI?

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BNI Membership Fees
  • NEW Member Application Fee - $150.00
  • One Year - $545.00
  • Two Years - $895.00

New Members Please Note:

  1. Your APPLICATION must be approved before you Purchase a BNI Membership
  2. Paying for your membership online does not imply acceptance to BNI. All applicants must be reviewed and approved by the chapter Membership Committee in order to become a BNI member.
  3. We recommend not paying for your membership until your chapter scheduled your Induction.
  4. PayPal accepts most credit cards, you do not have to have an account with Paypal to process your payment.
  5. You Apply for a 6 month PayPal Credit to purchase your BNI Membership. Its located in Check Out Section. You would have to apply and be approved for the credit.
  6. Membership Fees can not be refunded after Members' Induction.

Past Members Please Note:
(Returning, Transferring or Office Replacement Members)

  1. Past Members returning to BNI, will need to contact the Regional Office to bypass the $150 Application Fee which is required on "NEW" Membership Options. Must be a recent Past Member, within 12-months of previous membership to have that fee waived.
  2. If a Past Member has been out of BNI for over a year, the "New Member Application Fee" is charged.
  3. Renewing Members can not change their classification on the website when they renew... this must be done with Membership Committee approval. Please contact your chapter.

Any questions or for more information please contact the BNI Hudson Valley Regional Office by email


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